We in the conference project group want this conference to be the best ever, but in order to succeed, we need about 40-50 volunteers who can help us during the conference days!
When the application closes, we will review the applications and then you will receive an
email with more info if you have a seat!
Compensation for volunteers, in addition to food during the conference days, is not decided. However, compensation in terms of “sittning” or similar is what can be expected!The different roles that will be possible to search are listed below:

Company volunteer

As a company volunteer, your main task is to be a contact person for about two companies before and during the conference. This means that the companies you are assigned can contact you if they have any questions or want some extra help and be in place during the hours your business has lecture (if you have two companies it’s two hours in total).
Then, above all, you will work with everything that has to do with the fair (prepare for the fair, be helpful to your companies during the fair and then clean up after the fair).Being a company volunteer is the perfect opportunity to get in touch with some of the many interesting companies coming to the conference!

Fair volunteer

As a fair volunteer you will help arrange before the fair and clean up afterwards, take care of the wardrobe when the participants enter and when the exhibition is over and to be generally helpful during the fair.

Technical volunteer

This means that during a day (or more) of the conference during the lectures, you will help with the
technology (microphones for companies, the sound, etc.). If you would also be interested in being a photo volunteer during the conference, the technology and photo posts would definitely be able to combine.
Being a technical volunteer gives you the unique chance that as a non-participant you can sit and hear all the inspirational lectures during the conference!

Photo volunteer

Of course we want to capture the conference with the help of lots of pictures during the days. As a photo volunteer, your task is to photograph during the lectures, workshops and “sittningar”. Do you also think about technology, photo volunteer is perfect to combine with the post technician.
If you want to apply for this post, it’s great if you have your own camera, but if you want to apply and do not have a camera, we’ll solve it!


Our participants deserve the best and of course they will receive such a warm welcome to Umeå as possible. As a guide, you will therefore be in place at the central station or at Arlanda together with another person when all participants arrive to welcome them and show the way.

Refreshments volunteer

Of course, during the conference it will be served a lot of Swedish fika. In this post, you will help to serve, serve and clean up during both lunch and coffee breaks.

Event volunteer

It is not just lectures and refreshments during the conference – of course we will also invite
participants to attend “sittningar”! To make them as good as possible, we need
volunteers who help our event managers to decorate, rig, help with table placement and
other things that may need to be fixed. Are you a fan of balloon art or just want to join in
and contribute to a phenomenal sittning for all participants? Apply for event volunteer!